Schedule 2018

Saturday, October 13


Pre-Conference Workshop

Data Visualization Training Part I – Jonathan Schwabish

Data Visualization Training Part II – Jonathan Schwabish
5:00pm-7:00pm Welcome Reception (Hors d’oeuvres – Dinner on your own)
9:00pm Hospitality Suite

Sunday, October 14

7:45am-9:00am Breakfast

Jonathan Schwabish

Keynote: Supply Chains and Regional Economic Development from the Perspective from a Dean


Matt Waller, Dean, Sam M. Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas


State Indices

Herb Holloway, Southeastern Louisiana University, Chair 


Alabama Business Confidence Index

Addy Presentation

Sam Addy, University of Alabama

Consumer Confidence Index for Nebraska

Thompson Presentation

Eric Thompson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Mountain State Business Index

Deskins Presentation

John Deskins, West Virginia University


Business research in Action: Supply chains and big Data

Jack Kleinhenz, National Retail Federation, Chair


Market Opportunities for Michigan’s Wood Products: IMPLAN and Structural Path Analysis

Alward Presentation

Greg Alward and David Kay, Alward Institute

Applications of Economic Thinking at Southwest

Flora Presentation

Will Flora, Southwest Airlines

Big Data and Machine Learning Algorithms to Identify and Map IP Clusters Across Regions: 3D Printing Case Study

Harrah Presentation

Janet Harrah, Northern Kentucky University

Improving Regional Personal Consumption Estimates Using Credit Card Transactions Data

Gholizadeh Presentation

Mahsa Gholizadeh, Bureau of Economic Analysis

10:30am-10:45am Break/Networking

Economic Impact Studies: Methods and Practice

Christopher Nicak, University of Cincinnati, Chair


Estimating State and County Fiscal Impacts: Notes on Methodology

John Downen, University of Utah

Clinton vs. Trump: Economic Policy Comparison

Leung Presentation

Billy Leung, REMI

Busch Presentation

Mike Busch, Wichita State University

Suggestions for Practitioners Using RIMS II Multipliers

Ambargis Presentation

Zoe Ambargis, Bureau of Economic Analysis

Survey Methods & Analysis

Matt Kerwick, University of Texas at Austin, Chair


Prevalence and Incidence Projections from Surveys: Lessons from Human Trafficking and Campus Sexual Assault Research

Kerwick Presentation

Matt Kerwick, University of Texas-Austin

Sources of Innovation in American Establishments: Results from the Rural Establishment Innovation Survey

Tim Slaper, Indiana University

State Data Sharing Initiative: Data Sharing for State Policy Making and Program Evaluation

Andrew Rogers, Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness

12:15pm-1:30pm Lunch 

Keith Schwer Keynote

Snaith Presentation


Sean Snaith, Director of Institute for Economic Competitiveness, University of Central Florida



Running an Auber Unit and focusing on students: serving two masters?

Jeremy Hill, Wichita State University, Chair


Student Involvement in Your Center

James McCafferty, Western Washington University

How Your Center’s Role Changes over Time

Sam Addy, University of Alabama

Economic Applications of the Supply Chain industry Panel

 Kathy Deck, Chair 


Terry Esper, University of Arkansas

Dan Sanker, CEO CaseStack

Rick Sorrell, International Supply Chain Manager, Procter & Gamble


3:00pm-3:30pm Poster Session and Break

Data Visualization I: Tools and Techniques to work Smarter, Not Harder   

Victoria Meldrum, Ball State University, Chair


Engaging the Community Using Online Tools

Price and Sanny Presentation

Anne Price and James Sanny, Wichita State University

Data Visualization Software for the Non-Expert

Meldrum Presentation

Victoria Meldrum, Ball State University

STATS America and the Innovation Index 2.0

Rogers Presentation

Carol Rogers, Indiana University

Informing Local Governments & the Private Sector Via WE-Based Indicators

Patrick Jones, Eastern Washington University

Tourism Studies

Lee Reynis, University of New Mexico, Chair


Louisiana Tourism Forecast

Ortiz Presentation

Maria Ortiz, University of New Orleans

Nowcasting Hawaii Visitor Arrivals Using Mixed Frequency Models

Bonham Presentation

Carl Bonham, University of Hawaii

Economic Impacts of the Bogalusa Blues and Heritage Festival

Holloway Presentation

Herb Holloway, Southeastern Louisiana University

*Dinner on Your Own
9:00pm Hospitality Suite (Room 1408)

Monday, October 24

7:45am-9:00am Breakfast

Keynote: U.S. Economic Outlook

Bullard Presentation


James Bullard, President and Chief Executive Officer Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


data visualization II: FREd and REMI

Carol Rogers, Indiana University, Chair

FRED: Current Functions and Future Innovations

Keith Taylor, St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank

REMI 2.0: Creating a Bully Pulpit for Better Policy Analysis

Chris Judson, REMI

Demographic Trends and Economic Analysis

Eric Thompson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Chair

Local Population Forecasting Using the Age-Cohort Model

Busch Presentation

Mike Busch, Wichita State University

University Knowledge Spillovers, Geographic Proximity and Innovation: An Analysis of Patent Filings Across U.S. Counties

Slaper Presentation

Tim Slaper, Indiana University

Public Responses to Local Demographic Data

Patrick Jones, Eastern Washington University

10:30am-10:45am Break/Networking

Federal statistical Agencies: The View from Washington

Rajeev Dhawan, Georgia State University, Chair


QCEW Update

Hiles Presentation

David Hiles, Bureau of Labor Statistics

An Update on Business Employment Dynamics

Cooksey Presentation

Kevin Cooksey, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Economic impact of legal cannabis

Jeffery Michael, University of the Pacific, Chair


The Case of Washington State

McCafferty Presentation

James, McCafferty, Western Washington University

Potential Economic Impact of a Cannabis Cluster in the Sacramento Region

Michael Presentation

Jeffery Michael, University of the Pacific

The Colorado Regulatory Model

Brian Lewandowski, University of Colorado

12:15pm-1:30pm Lunch

Reflections on the Economics of Supply Chains and Competition

Kemp Presentation

Speaker: Wesley Kemp, Former CEO ABF Trucking

1:45pm-9:45pm Field Trip to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art & Walmart Museum

1:45 – Board a bus for Bentonville
2:00 – Bus leaves The Chancellor Hotel
2:45 – Arrive at Crystal Bridges
3:00- Group 1 Tour
4:00 – Group 2 Tour
5:30 – Explore Walmart Museum and Bentonville Square
6:30 – Dinner at Tavola
Speaker: Mike Malone, Northwest Arkansas Council8:30 – Board bus back to Fayetteville
9:15 – Arrive at The Chancellor Hotel
9:30pm Hospitality Suite (Room 1408)

Tuesday, October 25

7:45am-9:15am Breakfast

AUBER Business Meeting and Awards

9:15am-9:30am Break/Networking

Policy Studies and Economic Analysis

Brian Lewandowski, University of Colorado, Chair


Funding and Financing Options of Transportation Infrastructure Investments at the Federal Level

Phoebe Wong, U.S. Senate Joint Economic Committee

Croatia: The Role of Research and the Effects of Policy Disconnect

Sonora Presentation

Robert Sonora, Fort Lewis College

Administrators’ Perception of Industrial Decline: Evidence from Virginia

Stokes Presentation

Michelline Stokes, Virginia Tech

Local Forecasting and Indices for Small Centers: Selecting the Right Indicators for your Model

Ben Blair, Columbus State University, Chair


An Update of the Indiana Econometric Model

Hicks Presentation

Mike Hicks, Ball State University

Quarterly Georgia CEO Survey

McKay Presentation

Ben McKay, Georgia Southern University

Can a Small Center Mimic the Forecasts of Moody’s Analytics or IHS Global?

Potiowsky Presentation

Tom Potiowsky, Portland State University

Real Personal Income and Regional Price Parities

Vengelen Presentation

Bryan Vengelen, Bureau of Economic Analysis

11:00am Adjourn