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Presentations from the 2018 AUBER Fall Conference

Presentations from the 2018 Fall Conference will be available soon.

Presentations from the 2017 AUBER Fall Conference

Sunday October 22, 2017

Predicting Recessions Using the Yield Spread: The Mexican Northern Border Case, Thomas M. Fullerton, Jr. & Laura Mariel Sáenz Rojo, University of Texas El Paso

Water if for Fighting Over, John Fleck, Water Resources Program, University of New Mexico

AUBER Unit Business Models, James McCafferty, Center for Economic and Business Research, Western Washington University

AUBER Unit Business Models, Jeff Mitchell, Bureau of Business and Economic Research, The University of New Mexico

The Energy Transition in Western Coal Country, Robert Godby, Center for Energy Economics and Public Policy, University of Wyoming

State of Energy – Colorado, Brian Lewandowski, Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado Boulder

The Erosion of Coal’s Market Share in the Power Generation Industry, Christine Risch, Center for Business and Economic Research, Marshall University

Economic Effects of Renewable Energy Policy, Eric Bowen, Bureau of Business and Economic Research, College of Business and Economics, West Virginia University

Designing Effective Dashboards, Websites, and Smartphone Apps, Maile L. Nadelhoffer, Economic and Business Research Center, Eller College of Management

Moving Forward at the US Census Bureau: What’s on the Horizon?, Susana Guerra Privett, US Census Bureau

Economic Outlook, Dr. Rajeev Dhawan, Economic Forecasting Center, J. Mack Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University

Visualize Tax and Finance Data, Carol O. Rogers, IU Business Research Center, Kelley School of Business

Practical Data Visualization, Jonathan Page, The Economic Research Organization at the University of Hawaii, UHERO

A Study in Map Presentation: Our Experience Creating “How Vulnerable Are American Communities to Automation, Trade, & Urbanization?”, Nathan Law & Victoria Meldrum, Center for Business and Economic Research, Ball State University

Benefits and Costs of the California Waterfix, Dr. Jeffery Michael, Center for Business and Policy Research, Eberhardt School of Business, McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific

Gulf of Mexico Seafood Landings by Species & Geographic Area After the 2010 Oil Spill, Herb Holloway, Dr. A.M.M. Jamal, & William Joubert, Business Research Center, Southeastern Louisiana University

Characterizing Equity Issues for Carbon Policies: The Case of Oregon, Jenny Liu, Northwest Economic Research Center, Portland State University

Northwest Florida Forward: A Regional Strategy for Economic Transformation, Zach Jenkins, Haas Center, University of West Florida

Hinesville Business Incubator Feasibility Study, Ben McKay, Bureau of Business Research and Economic Development, Georgia Southern University

Estimating State Monthly Level GDP, Dr. Marc Anthony Fusaro, School of Business, Emporia State University

Reflections on a Decade of Explaining Data, D. Patrick Jones, Institute for Public Policy & Economic Analysis, Eastern Washington University

Quantifying Impacts of Water Demand Management in a Small Municipality, Michael O’Donnell & Robert P. Berrens, Bureau of Business and Economic Research, Department of Economics, University of New Mexico

Differences in Energy Preferences: Examining Willingness to Pay for Energy Plans in New Mexico, Kara Walter, Jennifer Thacher, & Janie M. Chermak, The University of New Mexico

Public Preference for Ecosystem Services in the Danda River Basin, Nepal, Samrat B. Kunwar, Alok K. Bohara, & Jennifer Thacher, University of New Mexico

Monday October 23, 2017

Benefits and Challenges of Trade Under NAFTA: The Case of Texas, Jesus Cañas, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Minor League Baseball and Localized Economic Effects, Dr. Michael Toma, Lainey Sapp, & Elizabeth Davis, Armstrong State University

Disposal & Recycling: An Alternative Index, Peter Hulseman, Northwest Economic Research Center, College of Urban and Public Affairs, Portland State University

An Agglomeration Set on a Hill: Industry Clusters and the Magnetic Attraction of Foreign Direct Investment, Timothy Slaper, Indiana Business Research Center, Indiana University

State Economic Development Strategies Toolkit, Megan Randall, Urban Institute

Interpreting the Economic Impacts of Drought, Dr. Jeffrey Michael, Center for Business and Policy Research, University of the Pacific

Connecting Climate Change, Water and Risk in the Southwest, Kathy Jacobs, Center for Climate Adaptation, University of Arizona

Tuesday October 24, 2017

An Assessment of the Prevalence and Impact of Adverse and Major Life Events Among College Students: A Comparison by Ethnicity and Country of Origin, Matt Kammer-Kerwick, Office of the Vice President for Research, Bureau of Business Research, The University of Texas at Austin

Do Alcohol Excise Taxes Reduce Motor Vehicle Fatalities? Evidence from Two Illinois Tax Increases, Robert McClelland & Josh Iselin, Tax Policy Center, Urban Institute & Brookings Institute

Crop Choice and Proximity to Ethanol Plants, Eric Thompson & Junpyo Park, University of Nebraska – Lincoln