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Explore Salt Lake City

Fun Facts About Utah From Our Hosts


We here at the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute are over the moon to host this year’s AUBER fall conference and show off our beautiful state. While some folks may have difficulty locating Utah on a map, to us Utah shines bright as a thriving, diversified state. Here are a few fun facts to know about The Beehive State:

  • The name of the state was taken from the name of the Ute Indians, whose name means “people of the mountains”
  • Utah claims to have “The Greatest Snow on Earth” and proudly puts the saying on the state license plates
  • Two very famous people were born in Beaver, Utah: Philo T. Farnsworth, the man attributed to inventing the television, and Butch Cassidy, the notorious outlaw
  • Utah is the only state where every county contains some part of a national forest
  • The first-ever KFC was actually opened in Salt Lake City, not Kentucky
  • According to a nationwide study, Utah is home to the most charitable people in the country
  • Utah gave women the right to vote before the federal government did

Salt Lake City is sprawled across a valley with a view of the often snow-capped mountains. We are huge fans of Salt Lake City, with its gorgeous mountains and vibrant downtown.

During the opening reception, conference attendees will experience 360 views of the valley from the balcony of Enos Wall Mansion. The conference field trip to Park City and the High West Distillery will offer attendees sweeping views of the Wasatch-Uinta Mountains. We hope that after the conference people will take time to visit Moab and the nearby national parks that are out of this world.

See you soon!

– Juliette Tennert, Jennifer Robinson, Meredith King

Things to Do in Salt Lake City

aerial shot of Wasatch front, Great Salt Lake, Utah

Great Salt Lake. The largest salt water lake in the Western Hemisphere, the lake covers an area of about 1,700 square miles. Due to the high density resulting from its mineral content, swimming in the Great Salt Lake is similar to floating. Salt Lake City’s visitors enjoy the area’s many hiking trails, ample picnic spots, and boating and fishing opportunities.

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH - AUG 28: Mormon Tabernacle at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah, as seen on Aug 28, 2017. The Tabernacle was built from 1864 to 1867.

Temple Square. Temple Square’s three-block plaza is home to nearly 20 attractions related to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It’s anchored by the towering Salt Lake Temple and other buildings like the expansive Tabernacle and the Gothic-style Assembly Hall, which offer insight into the history and development of the Mormon church.


Liberty Park. Encompassing 80 acres, Liberty Park is a great place to go to enjoy the great outdoors without leaving city limits. The park has a pond, bike paths, concession stands, rides, picnic areas, playgrounds, and tennis and volleyball courts and is home to an aviary and a greenhouse.