Association for University
Business and Economic Research

A national association of regional
economic research centers


About Membership

AUBER brings together regional economics centers from 75+ leading universities across the United States that are dedicated to continually improving  the quality, effectiveness, and application of research in business, economics, and public policy.

Benefits of Membership

  • Connect with economic research leaders from peer institutions and hear about the latest research, projects, and studies that are relevant in other states.
  • Collaborate with AUBER members on research and get expert opinions on your projects.
  • Network with economists and researchers who have faced similar environments.
  • Learn how to manage economic research centers, interact with constituents, increase center visibility, and find funding sources.
  • Attend our annual conferences and discuss cutting-edge research and communications strategies.
  • Receive the latest economic news and updates through your complimentary subscription to AUBER’s newsletter.
  • Get exclusive access to our annual survey of centers covering activities, budgeting, and staffing.
  • Increase your center’s visibility by winning an AUBER award for Excellence in Publications, Excellence in Websites, Excellence in Electronic  Publications, or the Polzin Best Paper Prize.
  • Find new jobs or recruit the right candidate through our website and social media.

AUBER's Business Office

Ball State University’s Center for Business and Economic Research manages AUBER’s business office. Contact the Business Office here.


Mailing Address

Association for University Business and Economic Research
2000 W. University Avenue, WB 149
Muncie, Indiana 47306