Association for University
Business and Economic Research

A national association of regional
economic research centers


AUBER is a professional organization for economic researchers, business analysts, statisticians, data visualizers, and dashboard experts working in academia, government, and business. Our members are dedicated to continually improving the quality, effectiveness, and application of research in business, economics, and public policy.

Member centers take turns hosting our annual conference—traditionally held in the fall—featuring research and novel products from universities across America.

Membership Options

Individual Member

$ 100

Center Member


Supporting Member

$ 1,250

Sustaining Member

$ 5,000

Benefits of Membership

  • CONNECT with economic research leaders from peer institutions and hear about the latest research, projects, and studies that are relevant in other states.
  • COLLABORATE with AUBER members on research and get expert opinions on your projects.
  • NETWORK with economists and researchers who have faced similar environments.
  • LEARN how to manage economic research centers, interact with constituents, increase center visibility, and find funding sources.
  • ATTEND our annual conferences and discuss cutting-edge research and communications strategies.
  • RECEIVE the latest economic news and updates through your complimentary subscription to AUBER’s newsletter.
  • GET exclusive access to our annual survey of centers covering activities, budgeting, and staffing.
  • INCREASE your center’s visibility by winning an AUBER award for Excellence in Publications, Excellence in Websites, Excellence in Electronic Publications, or the Polzin Best Paper Prize.
  • FIND new jobs or recruit the right candidate through our website and social media.

In addition to the many benefits provided, members in good standing receive discounted conference registration rates.

Membership Term

  • Membership period is based upon our fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).
  • Renewal invoices are sent in May, prior to the June 30 expiration date.
  • Reminder notices are sent out automatically.
  • All memberships should be paid prior to registering for fall conference.
  • Memberships not paid by June 30 of the following year will be considered lapsed.

Payment Options

  • All major credit cards are accepted.
  • Payment via invoice is processed through our Intuit/Quickbooks  account.
  • Alternately, you may pay via check or ACH transfer. Please contact us for more information.

Member Testimonials

Sharing Information & Experiences

“Sharing information & experiences (with leaders at centers devoted to state and regional economics) is valuable. Providing information to policymakers and business in the state we live is important. We learn through our relationship with AUBER.”

Patrick Barkey, Director
Bureau of Bus. & Economic Research
University of Montana

Finding Answers & Solving Problems

“What is best about AUBER is the fact that many centers are going through the same kinds of issues. When there is one seemingly unsolvable problem somewhere, chances are you can go to your AUBER colleagues and find a great answer.”

Kathy Deck, Assistant Dean
Culverhouse College of Business
University of Alabama

Professional Networking Opportunities

AUBER’s professional networking opportunities are very valuable according to Kellison, who remarked that a new colleague attended an AUBER conference and was struck by the organization’s collegial and collaborative nature.

Bruce Kellison, Director
Bureau of Business Research
University of Texas at Austin

Collaborating & Improving Skills

Lewandowski finds value in learning what work other centers across the U.S. are currently doing. He believes AUBER conferences are a great opportunity to collaborate and improve skills.

Brian Lewandowski, Exec. Director
Business Research Division
University of Colorado Boulder

Tapping Into Resources

AUBER provides one of the most productive relationships with a national organization…we benefit from the connections & interactions…being able to tap into resources…of centers at much larger universities.”

Kenneth Louie, Director
Economic Research Institute
Penn State University Behrend

Sharing Research

McKay enjoys sharing and collaborating on research. He appreciates the opportunity to get feedback on research projects and get into the “nitty-gritty” of it with his AUBER colleagues.

Ben McKay, Asst. Director
Ctr. Bus. Analytics & Econ. Research
Georgia Southern University

Learning from Colleagues & Mentors

Jeffrey joined AUBER after attending a conference to learn how to run a successful center. He has learned many invaluable lessons from colleagues and respected mentors.

Jeffrey Michael, Director
Business Forecasting Center
University of the Pacific

Sharing Best Practices & Camaraderie

“Of all of my professional associations, AUBER has been the most valuable. The camaraderie, best practices, and willingness of members to assist is worth my time and money many times over.”

Sean Snaith, Director
Institute for Economic Forecasting
University of Central Florida

Discovering New Ideas

Thompson enjoys being a member because of the chances to work with other people who have a passion for applied economic research. He gets a lot of great ideas from talking to AUBER colleagues.

Eric Thompson, Director
Bureau of Business Research
University of Nebraska Lincoln


If you are not currently a member and would like to join AUBER, please complete an application form. If you are a current member and did not receive a renewal invoice—or you need alternate payment options—please contact us by phone or email.

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