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Business and Economic Research

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economic research centers

University of Texas – Tyler, Hibbs Institute for Business & Economic Research

Hibbs Institute for Business & Economic Researcha
University of Texas-Tyler

3900 University Blvd
Tyler, Tx 75799

Phone: 903.566.7365
Fax: 903.566.7372

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Interim Director
Manuel Reyes


  • Hibbs Brief, frequent one-page analysis of current issues.
  • Hibbs Outlook, a newsletter with economic, statistic and business performance indicators for the region.
  • Hibbs Whitepapers, a technical report on a topic of interest to East Texas.
  • Speaking engagements with regional civic clubs.
  • Regional economic data for 23-county East Texas Region
    • Tyler Region
    • Longview Region
    • Texarkana Region
  • Expert project evaluation or cost-benefit analysis for businesses and governments needing more expertise or independent analysis of a proposed project.
  • Economic impact studies. Economic impact analyses measure how industries and institutions are linked by the intermediate inputs they provide one another to produce the final output in a given economy, capturing all rounds of inter-industry/institutional relationships that constitute the production processes in a given economy.
  • Business Contribution Analysis.  A study that illustrates the gross changes in a region’s existing economy that can be attributed to a given industry. These studies can also be described as determining “what you’d be missing all over the region” if our industry did not exist.