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University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Arkansas Economic Development Institute
University of Arkansas at Little Rock

College of Business
2801 South University Ave
Little Rock AR 72204-1099

Phone: 501-569-8519
Fax: 501-569-8538

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Jim Youngquist

Deputy Director
Randy Wright

State Economic Forecaster
Michael Pakko

Fiscal Support Specialist
Cody McMunn

Desktop Publisher and Graphic Design
Susan Jackson

Business Manager
Jan Gibson

Community Economic Development Specialist
Michael Collins

Community Economic Development Specialist
April Campbell

Census State Data Center Director
Pam Willrodt

Carlos Silva


Arkansas State and County Economic Data / Annually — Data Profiles
Arkansas Personal Income Handbook / Annually — Data Profiles


Economic Impact
Fiscal Impact
Feasibility Studies
Firm Specific Studies other than Feasibility Studies
Population/Demographic Analysis, Projection, Estimates
Public Policy Research
Survey Research
Market Research
Industry Studies
Labor Market Research
Economic Modeling/Forecasting
Economic Outlook
Business Forum
Economic Development
Policy Issues
State Data Center
Web Development/Maintenance
Outreach: Community Oriented Lectures
Outreach: Conferences
Coordinate News Media Contacts with the College

Arkansas Economic Development Institute

Little Rock