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Business and Economic Research

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economic research centers

University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Bureau of Business Research
University of Nebraska - Lincoln

College of Business Administration
CBA 347
P.O. Box 880406
Lincoln NE 68588-0406

Phone: 402-472-3318
Fax: 402-472-9700

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Eric Thompson

Project Assistant
Nes Vance

Research Associate
John E. Anderson

Associate Director
David I. Rosenbaum

Research Associate
William B. Walstad

Research Associate
Mary G. McGarvey


Nebraska Leading Economic Indicator (LEI-N) / Monthly – Newsletter
Business in Nebraska / Quarterly – Articles


Economic Impact
Fiscal Impact
Feasibility Studies
Population/Demographic Analysis, Projection, Estimates
Public Policy Research
Survey Research
Labor Market Research
Economic Modeling/Forecasting
Outreach: Community Oriented Lectures

Bureau of Business Research