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University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Center for Business and Economic Research
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Lee Business School
4505 Maryland Parkway
Box 456002
Las Vegas NV 89154-6002

Phone: 702/895-3191
Fax: 702/895-3606

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Stephen M. Miller

Associate Director of Research and Administration
Rennae Daneshvary

Research and Grants Coordinator
Richard Boland

Research Associate
Peggy Jackman

Economic Analyst
Jinju Lee


The Southern Nevada Business Confidence Index / Quarterly — Electronic Publication
CBER’s Economic Indicators / Monthly — Electronic Publication
CBER’s Economic Commentaries / Periodically — Electronic Publication
Clark County Population Forecasts / Annually — Economic Forecast
Economic Outlook / Semi-Annually — Economic Forecast


Economic Impact
Fiscal Impact
Feasibility Studies
Firm Specific Studies other than Feasibility Studies
Population/Demographic Analysis, Projection, Estimates
Public Policy Research
Public Sector Revenue Forecasts
Survey Research
Tourism Research
Industry Studies
Labor Market Research
Economic Modeling/Forecasting
Economic Outlook
Web Development/Maintenance
Outreach: Community Oriented Lectures
Outreach: Conferences

Center for Business and Economic Research

Las Vegas