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University of Texas at El Paso

Tom Fullerton,
Department of Economics & Finance
University of Texas at El Paso

Dept of Economics & Finance
500 W University Ave, CBA 236
El Paso TX 79968-0543

Phone: 915-747-7747
Fax: 915-747-6282

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Individual Reasearcher,
Tom Fullerton

Border Region Modeling Project Economist
Adam G Walke


An Empirical Analysis of Tijuana Water Consumption, 2007, Atlantic Economic Journal / Single Publication — Journal
Borderplex Evidence for the Law of One Price, 2006, Economics Letters / Single Publication — Journal
Regional Econometric Income Forecast Accuracy, 2005, Journal of Forecasting / Single Publication — Journal
El Paso Housing Sector Econometric Forecast Accuracy, 2008, Journal of Agricultural & Applied Economics / Single Publication — Journal
Tolls, Exchange Rates, and Borderplex International Bridge Traffic, 2009, International Journal of Transport Economics / Single Publication — Journal
Municipal Water Consumption Forecast Accuracy, 2010, Water Resources Research / Single Publication — Journal
An Error Correction Analysis of Visitor Arrivals in the Bahamas, 2012, Tourism Economics / Single Publication — Journal
Borderplex Brand Name Medicine Price Differences, 2011, Applied Economics / Single Publication — Journal
Electricity Consumption and Metropolitan Economic Performance in Guangzhou: 1950–2013, 2017, Energy Economics / Single Publication — Journal
Short-Term Forecasting Analysis for Municipal Water Demand, 2016, Journal of the American Water Works Association / Single Publication — Journal
An Econometric Analysis of Retail Gasoline Prices in a Border Metropolitan Economy, 2015, North American Journal of Economics & Finance / Single Publication — Journal
Homicides, Exchange Rates, and Northern Border Retail Activity in Mexico, 2014, Annals of Regional Science / Single Publication — Journal
Physical Infrastructure and Economic Growth in El Paso, 2013, Economic Development Quarterly / Single Publication — Journal
Borderplex Economic Outlook / Annually — Economic Forecast
Borderplex Long-Term Economic Trends / Annually — Economic Forecast
Basic Border Econometrics, 2006, UACJ Press / Single Publication — Books
Inflationary Studies for Latin America, 2001, Texas Western Press / Single Publication — Books
Improving the Accuracy of Short-Term Water Demand Forecasts, 2017 / Single Publication — Books
Short-Term Water Demand Forecasting Manual, 2017 / Single Publication — Books


Economic Modeling/Forecasting
Outreach: Community Oriented Lectures

Tom Fullerton

El Paso