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Business and Economic Research

A national association of regional
economic research centers

University of Utah

Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute

David Eccles School of Business
1635 E. Campus Center Drive, Room 401
Salt Lake City UT 84112-9302

Phone: 801-581-6333
Fax: 801-581-3354

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Natalie Gochnour

Senior Fellow
James A. Wood

Senior Research Economist
Pamela S. Perlich

Senior Research Analyst
John C. Downen

Senior Research Statistician
Micheal T. Hogue

Research Analyst
David J. Benway

Research Analyst
Levi Pace

Research Analyst
Jennifer Leaver

Utah State Data Center Coordinator
Effie Johnson Van Noy

Research Analyst and Communications Specialist
Nicholas P. Thiriot

Research Analyst
Natalie Young

Associate Director
Jennifer Robinson

Director of Survey Research
Dianne Meppen

Director of Economics and Public Policy
Juliette Tennert

Administrative Manager
Colleen Larson

Accounting and Finance Manager
Shelley Kruger


Utah Economic and Business Review / Quarterly — Journal


Economic Impact
Fiscal Impact
Feasibility Studies
Firm Specific Studies other than Feasibility Studies
Population/Demographic Analysis, Projection, Estimates
Survey Research
Market Research
Industry Studies
Economic Modeling/Forecasting
Outreach: Community Oriented Lectures
Faculty Grant Management

Bureau of Economic and Business Research

Salt Lake City