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Data-Rich Workshops: Two for the Price of One!

Join us on Saturday before the conference for a deep-dive into data tools and offerings from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (noon–2 PM) and St. Louis Federal Reserve Economic Data (2–4 PM). Cost includes lunch, served 11:30 AM–12:30 PM.

Noon–2 PM, Oct. 14th – Workshop #1 w/ the Bureau of Labor Statistics

  • Skyla Skopovi, Economist, Office of Employment and Unemployment Statistics, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Imani Drayton-Hill, Supervisory Economist, Office of Employment and Unemployment Statistics, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics will lead you on a deep dive into QCEW, BEDS, and JOLTS during this pre-conference workshop.

2–4 PM, Oct. 14th – Workshop #2 w/ Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED Data Practitioner Micro-Credential)

  • Diego Mendez-Carbajo, Senior Economic Education Specialist, Research Division, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

ABSTRACT – The purpose of this workshop is to build data practitioner skills in FRED, a free, publicly accessible economic database used to visualize, save, and download over 819,000 US and international time series from more than 100 sources.
.     In this hands-on experience, members of the FRED team will guide participants through the data transformation and visualization exercises embedded in a module of the micro-credential “FRED Data Practitioner” offered by the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis.
.     Participants will learn how to present FRED data in different ways (e.g., as a graph, a map, a table, or a single number) to visualize a story about topics as complex as population and income disparity in St. Louis, MO or as simple as employment levels in San Antonio, TX.
.     Participants will also learn how to compile the data in FRED into a dashboard that is relevant to their storytelling about a particular topic or region. Because the numbers and figures in a FRED dashboard update automatically, every time the series update the stories they tell stay fresh and compelling.
.     At the end of the workshop, participants will earn a digital badge representing a set of data skills. The badge can be shared through social media. For reference, here is an example of a data literacy digital badge embodying FRED skills:
.     St. Louis Fed has conducted similar workshops for CTREE (Conference on Teaching and Economic Education), SEA (Southern Economic Association), MEA (Midwest Economic Association), and C2ER (Council for Community and Economic Research), as well as prior AUBER conferences.

Saturday Pre-Conference Workshop Registration

Separate registration required in advance. Workshops not included in standard conference registration.

  • To attend the workshops, please select Option 1-BLS, Option 2-FRED, or Option 3-Both on the conference’s online registration form. Attend both workshops for the price of one. Cost includes lunch.
  • To add a workshop(s) onto an existing conference registration, contact Lisa Goodpaster at
September 15, 2023