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The Economy in Action

Call for Papers, Projects, & Presentations

The Association for University Business and Economic Research (AUBER) invites scholars, researchers, and practitioners to contribute to the discourse on “The Economy in Action” at the 2024 AUBER Fall Conference, Oct. 19-22 in Boise, ID. 

The Economy in Action

In a rapidly evolving global landscape, this year’s conference aims to explore dynamic and innovative approaches to understanding and analyzing economic phenomena.

We welcome papers and projects that delve into various facets of economic activity, including but not limited to macroeconomic policies, sustainable development, digital transformations, and the impact of geopolitical events on economies.

Whether focusing on theoretical frameworks or empirical studies, we encourage submissions that provide fresh insights into the practical implications of economic theories and policies. 

Join us in fostering a vibrant exchange of ideas that bridge academia and real-world economic challenges. Together, let’s explore how the economy manifests in action and its implications for the future.

• • • Submission Deadline May 1, 2024 • • •

Conference Participation

Deadline May 1, 2024

Use our online submission form (updated 3/14):

  • Include an abstract or brief description of your paper, project, or other work you would like to present. Multiple ideas may be submitted.
  • Questions? Email Program Chair Jennifer Green at

Popular Topics

  • Statistical modeling and analysis
  • Data delivery tools and techniques
  • Online dashboards
  • GIS mapping and output analysis
  • Survey research
  • Demographic analysis
  • Public policy analysis
  • Industry impact and forecasting
  • Financial markets
  • Community resiliency
  • Center operations and challenges
  • Center relationships with public and private sectors
  • Dissemination to media outlets

Why Attend?

The AUBER conference is a great environment for students and junior researchers to present their work (finished or ongoing) and receive mentorship from experts.

Likewise, academics and practitioners can “talk shop” with peers from across the nation and beyond.