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New AUBER Peer Review Service Launching at Fall Conference

Have you ever needed some structured feedback on a research report before sending it to your sponsor? Have you ever just wondered whether an article or piece of analysis was hitting the mark you intended, or simply wanted to improve a research product? AUBER is planning to launch, as a member benefit, a Peer Review Service at the 2018 Fall Conference that will provide members with comments on their research projects.

AUBER Peer Review Service Features

  • Two-page reviews will be delivered with the “AUBER” logo that can be displayed in the final research product.
  • One complimentary use of the review service will be offered to AUBER members per year.
  • Reviews should take 14 days to complete and return to members.
  • Reviewers will be selected from among AUBER members by a Peer Review Service Editor to be appointed by the AUBER President.
  • To the extent possible, the peer review process will be blind, with both report authorship and reviewer identity withheld by the Service Editor.
  • Material contained in the reports under review will remain confidential.


Peer Review Contents

A review might contain minor suggestions for improvement and answers to the following standard questions found in many peer-review processes:

  • Is the report well-organized, well-written, and easy to understand?
  • Does the report contain all of the components one would expect (Introduction, Methods, Theory, Analysis, Recommendations, etc.)?
  • Are the sections well-developed?
  • Does the report do a good job of synthesizing the literature (if applicable/appropriate)?
  • Does the report answer the questions it sets out to answer?
  • Is the methodology clearly explained?
  • Does the theory connect to the data?
  • Was the reviewer convinced by the results? Why or why not?

Come to the Fall Conference to hear more about how the Service will work, and how it can help you improve your research products

-By Bruce Kellison (, past president of AUBER and director of the Bureau of Business Research University of Texas at Austin. 

July 9, 2018

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